the business of generosity...the most profit for the greatest good

pFILMS Title

The pFILM Campaign (philanthropy + FILM)  is the charitable and educational affiliate of Geneve Skye purposed to bringing financial viability, media awareness and organizational sustainability to early-stage entrepreneurial humanitarian organizations.

FUNDING a common struggle faced by nonprofit founders, this sense of overwhelm should be alleviated. Money should not be an inhibitor to bringing people help.


...profits are generated from $10 ticket purchases of everyday people—allowing people like me and you to make a difference.


...infused into pioneering nonprofits in the early-stages of development allows for sustainability and growth.


...of both issues & their solutions can be heightened with visual media—film & television.

Campaign Classifications

  • Public Advocacy, Philanthropy, Volunteerism and Public Benefit
  • Civic & Social Organization
  • Leadership Development & Professional Mentorship