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Invest with Geneve Skye

Economic and Humanitarian ROI

Our commitment to fiscally sound, balanced production—our Fiduciary Production Model™—is unwavering because our chief aim is the disbursement of our production company’s majority profits to charitable humanitarian organizations with global impact. Profitable ventures are the gateway to funding our philanthropy, and our focus on earnings at each stage of production and through all ancillary markets ensures investors that our goals are consistently in alignment with one another.

Three types of investors collectively fund our fiscally responsible media products: Pure Investors, Hybrid Investors and Venture Philanthropists. A majority of our proceeds benefit humanitarian aid organizations globally. Minority profits are reinvested to fund new pFILM projects.

Pure Investors

Limited Social Return. 100% of the individual investment dedicated to investors' return. Pure financiers.

Hybrid Investors

Split Social / Economic Return. Limited Social Investment. Percentage dedicated towards social investment is processed as a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable contribution. Qualified Investors.

Venture Philanthropists

100% of initial investment paid forward to provide gap funding and services to emerging humanitarian aid organizations, globally. Venture Philanthropists invest with the intent of growing their charitable contribution prior to disbursement. 100% of the social investment is processed as a 501c3 tax exempt charitable contribution.

Investor Interest

Please contact us about the type of investment you're interested in. Registration and approval is a requisite for access to our accredited investor-only websites.