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To the same degree that proceeds from our productions are beneficial to communities, GENEVE SKYE™ and The pFILM Campaign™ equally underscore our commitment to producing films that benefit the culture in an uplifting way.

Values-Honoring Parallel

pFILMS™ benefit communities...
through funding emerging non-profits that are helping the marginalized and disadvantaged.

pFILMS™ benefit culture...
through producing values-honoring films crafted to infuse inspiring, uplifting, hope-filled messages.

Geneve Skye does not produce or distribute horror films or sexually explicit themed movies. A general rule of thumb observed by our development team: if a film could not be viewed and endorsed by clergy to their parishioners, then the themes are not suitable for development.

FILMS slated

Hannah Is

Prince of Venice 
by Michael Saltar 

Genre: Romance Thriller

On the verge of bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce, a brilliant but eccentric ad agency owner tries everything to win back his wife’s closed heart — even impersonating the charming crown prince of Italy online.

However, when Jack's royal research reveals clues to a hidden treasure ($8 billion in gold coins), the real prince’s corrupt chief advisor discovers the online charade, snares the couple in an international fraud designed to ruin the prince, and forces Jack to choose between his ailing marriage and the largest treasure find in Italian history.

William & Catherine

William & Catherine
A love story…that inspired an Army.

Genre: Historical Biopic

William & Catherine is based on the inspirational true story of William and Catherine Booth, 19th century London street evangelists, who become the unlikeliest of social reformers. Struck by the hypocrisy of a Christian church that has turned its back on England’s starving poor, William Booth’s grassroots social programs challenge entrenched church elders to practice what they preach. With the help of the love of his life Catherine, Booth raises an army of like-minded activists who take to the streets, risk their reputations and their lives, and set about the task of changing the world one man, one woman and one child at a time. The movement William and Catherine Booth created—The Salvation Army—began in the squalor of London slums, evolved and grew into an international social service organization in 116 countries that today continues to bring help and hope to millions of people…And, it all started with a love story.

Down The Road

Down the Road
by Chris Gordon and Joel Christensen

Genre: Purposeful Adventure/Humanitarian Documentary

This is the extraordinary result of two passionate visionaries who steal away with an aspiring film student for a three-month journey through Latin America. Their goal was to get so lost that they would eventually find a story. They found much more than that—from sailing across the Caribbean with Captain Ben to stumbling upon a large community of people living in a Managuan trash dump—this is a tale of authentic encounters, cultural immersion, deep friendships, and profound discoveries. In a land where beauty and tragedy collide, the three travelers are continually humbled by what the road reveals. In the end, they learn about themselves, a different way of life, the world at large, and most of all they learn that a few purposeful adventurers can make a difference. Additional reality programming is also in development.