the business of generosity...the most profit for the greatest good


Targeted investments and charitable giving can make a measurable impact when we work together for a cause, whether it be:

  • An attack on the AIDS pandemic
  • Eliminating global poverty
  • Investing in women entrepreneurs in third world countries, or
  • Rebuilding homes and businesses in storm stricken communities

Notable actors, musicians, athletes and entrepreneurs are demonstrating their desire to promote change by leveraging their platform to bring more awareness to social issues that can be eradicated when we come together and consolidate our resources.

Our strategy combines contributions and investments, which can be maximized for greater community impact when coupled with the platform provided through the entertainment industry and the revenue generated in cooperation with everyday Americans through their entertainment purchases.

GENEVE SKYE: philanthropic entertainment is brokering a positive community impact by doing more than soliciting raw funds that have to continually be regenerated for non-profits on an annual basis through grants and gift contributions. We are involving the community on a level where every person can participate regardless of their economic status. Some can purchase a $10 movie ticket. Others can also purchase ancillary products, and investors can invest.

By creating a forum where every single person—celebrities, industry professionals, investors and consumers—have the power to make a difference through contributing to the campaign, we build momentum to make a much larger impact than any entity could make individually.

Fiduciary Production Model™

Our chief aim is the charitable disbursement of our majority profits which mandates taking a stringent fiduciary approach to production and distribution.

This aim has committed us to a highly intensive focus on securing distribution channels (foreign & domestic) and ancillary markets prior to principal photography or production of an entertainment product.

While many filmmakers are content as long as their films release theatrically, our team has incorporated measures to ensure—through all stages of the process—that our films remain targeted towards financial gain and achieve financial returns.