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humanitarian impact films

Through humanitarian impact films our driving force is to close the gap between those with the know-how and those with the need.

Our film company exists to help the marginalized, overwhelmed and disadvantaged. We partner with organizations providing enterprising solutions to plaguing community problems.  Our combined efforts increase awareness to emergent entrepreneurial solutions with a proven community impact.

Money should never be an inhibitor to bringing humanitarian help to our neighbors in need.

Too often it is the lack of resources and awareness that prevent viable solutions from reaching those who need them most. Our communities deserve the best solutions.  When something is working we help expand its impact.

Modern Immigration

Most often “community” is defined by a geographic location.

America’s immigrants are most certainly a community—a courageous community making the journey that the ancestors of America’s home born citizens made generations preceding.  As a nation of immigrants, at our roots we are one community, a melting pot of daring adventurers whose work ethic, ingenuity and perseverance creates increasing opportunity for the generations that follow.

At the forefront of American current affairs is the issue of illegal immigration. Geneve Skye is working with the award winning film producers at Fusion Productions in Las Colinas and supportive of the issue-based dialogue facilitated by Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Our humanitarian perspective of this plaguing community problem will be highlighted through a feature-length film in effort to bring about a dialogue that educates, increases understanding and ultimately bridges the divide between America’s current and future citizens.

If you believe the time for a solution to the modern immigration crisis is now, we invite your support for this film. We invite you to take action and join our giving campaign.  Simply give the amount of one movie ticket and invite others to join our humanitarian campaign. 

If you would like to donate to this cause, feel free to contact us.