Outside our Houston CityCentre office, the flames illuminating the fountain remind us why we are here: to be a light for values-driven entertainment in the pervasive darkness flooding today's media, and remain passionate, unquenched in our commitment to release Hollywood's enormous wealth into selfless causes benefitting the lives of millions.

About GeneveSkye

Our mission is to enrich the world through philanthropic entertainment™—producing, distributing and independently financing hope-inspiring films, television, books, and other entertainment products whose majority profits fund emerging humanitarian organizations globally.

Doing business as GENEVE SKYE: philanthropic entertainment, our name and our pFILMS (philanthropy +FILMS) ™ brand declares to the public that we marry the needs of humanitarian aid organizations and social entrepreneurs with the overwhelming profitability available through the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

We embrace a commitment to profit-generation and fiscal responsibility as a means to maximize our charitable aim. We are also dedicated to cultivating the full benefit of the talent and resources available to us because of our philanthropic focus.

Presently, many celebrities and philanthropists are giving generously and expressing intense interest for leveraging their impact to help communities in need. We have a strategic understanding of how these contributions can be maximized for greater impact by coupling them with free market capitalism and the revenue generated by everyday Americans through their entertainment purchases: movie tickets, DVDs, downloads, etc.

Our strategic decision for operating as an executive production and distribution company allows us to closely partner with award-winning film directors and producers to execute the creative and technical aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. It also positions our executive team to provide oversight and direction throughout the full scope of a project. From concept through revenue generation, this allows our embraced Fiduciary Production Model™ to be maintained throughout all phases of the pFILMS™ lifetime.

GENEVE SKYE is an altruistic entrepreneurial and humanitarian enterprise operating in hybrid capacity with independent non-profit affiliate The pFILM Campaign (philanthropy +FILMS). ™



• Established 2008 
• Industry: Motion Picture & Television + Humanitarian Aid (Social Enterprise)
• Core Business: production, distribution, independent financing & philanthropy
• Corporate team headquartered in Texas
• Commitment to Fiduciary Production Model™
• Majority profits disbursed to proven early-stage humanitarian aid organizations
• Independent Non-profit Affiliate: The pFILM Campaign (philanthropy + FILMS)™