with intention

The residual impact of the pandemic is a recalibrated expectation of how teams and colleagues gather to accomplish shared corporate tasks. Rethinking organizational design now requires understanding the balance between in-residence and virtual workplaces.

This resultant is a revolutionary shift in how people realistically engage, expectations for engagement, and the ability to foster creativity and collaboration amidst these changing environs.

GENEVE focuses on the power of clear professional representation of the built environment in ways that enable clients to maximize the benefits of the spaces they are responsible to sustainably inhabit.

GENEVE challenges organizations to approach the programming within their collective spaces by abandoning the formulaic status quo by embracing new approaches to understand the possibilities that can be crafted by collaborating with design thinkers.

GENEVE challenges the status quo by questioning underlying assumptions about what needs are evident in the present and the emergent future. The intersection crosses and interconnects how facility usage is understood. This interplay includes design thinking approaches that unearth latent resources and opportunities organizations may otherwise overlook.